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Nisrine BOUKHARI is a conceptual artist, lives in Vienna and Stockholm. In her art-based research projects, she uses language to invoke a distinctive mind’s energy on discovering a new terrain of the imagination implicating the body and the mind in an immersive poetic and conceptual experience by using conceptual writing, fragmentation, and deconstructed narrative.
Boukhari’s art’s genesis extends outwards from the conventional use of language to the complexity of a traumatised memory and the instantaneity of self-generated thoughts. Since 2012, Boukhari is researching the State of Mind-Wandering, where she investigates the effects of trauma on the human psyche through the case of Mind-Wandering State and the use of the artistic practice in a therapeutic trajectory. Thus, Boukhari has coined Wanderism and announced it as a State of Mind; Wanderism is presented as a form of mental diversity and aims to explore potentials on destigmatising mental health issues based on her interest in studying philosophy of mind.
Nisrine Boukhari studied Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University finished her M.A. in Social Design at Angewandte Kunst Wien (University of Applied Arts Vienna). She is pursuing her art-based research internationally. She had an artist/research residency at Iaspis/Sweden, Serlachius Museum/Finland, Trapholt Museum/ Denmark, MAWA art residency Winnipeg/Canada, NKDALE art centre Norway, Art Omi in NYC, and many other residencies.
She exhibited her work internationally and she was selected as „Artist of the Year“ by the Swedish Art Association in 2019. Some of her works are acquired by international museums and art institutions.
Besides her artistic career, Boukhari is a co-founder for AllArtNow, the first independent contemporary art organisation in Damascus since 2005.

Nisrine Boukhari
Conceptual Artist